Portable Muscle Treatment smart fascia

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Portable Muscle Treatment smart fascia Handheld Percussion Massager gun with 4 heads_Silver Grey color



-Futurism engineering design, simple appearance, impeccable

It is equipped with high-power brushless motor with smaller volume and longer service life.

-4 professional massage heads, take care of every muscle group

In order to provide a more comfortable massage experience, SoonPam provides four matching soft presses for different parts according to the force characteristics of body muscles. According to its own needs, it can replace the corresponding massage head.
-Spherical massage head: It is suitable for pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi
U-shaped massage head: It is suitable for massaging the neck, cervical spine and 4 tendons
Cylindrical massage head: It is suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridians, joints, palms and soles
Flat massage head: It is suitable for relaxing and shaping of muscle parts
-Start with beauty and be loyal to quality
High frequency vibration, smart chip, brushless motor
-Relieve muscle stiffness and improve pain after exercise
Accelerate deep release of massage gun relieve muscle stiffness and soreness
-Promote blood circulation, reduce muscle stiffness and soreness
Deeply relaxes massage gun, effectively reduces muscle stiffness and soreness, promotes blood circulation and range of motion, and improves body tissue health
-Warm up before / exercise to activate / muscle vitality / Relax tense muscles / during exercise / Recover from fatigue and pain after exercise
-High frequency surging power transmission deep shock considerate
It’s not only a simple relaxation of muscles, but also pleasant enjoyment.

-Engineering design brush motor massage gun
-Material: ABS
-RPM: 1400~3200rpm;
-5 gears
-Built-in lithium battery
-Working time: 2 hours
-Charging time:2 hours
-4 massage heads
-Type C port
-Colors selection: Grey
-Sound below 45dp
-GW: 7.6kg
-Warranty: 180 days